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Receive $25 Gift Card from Xoom.

XOOM Money transfer offers $25 Gift Card when you do your first remittance.

Click on any of the gift card you want as your gift.
Amazon Code Walmart Code
You will receive the gift card in email within 2-5 business days of your first time registration and remittance using newly registered account.


1) Receive money within 4 hours to some countries. Maximum 24 Hours.
2) No transfer fee - When you send more than $1,000 and pay with your U.S.-based bank account 
3) Competitive exchange rate with minimum fee. with minimum fee.

Who’s Eligible?
1) Only new customers who register for first time on
2) This offer is based on Refer a friend program.

Need Xoom Help? Email us or call us any time (877) 815-1531 (toll free) or +1 (415) 395-422. Hablamos español
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